Why is it essential to decorate your walls? How can we work with colors, materials, and shapes?

by Adam Švec on June 17, 2022
        Space, where we spend our time, greatly influences how we feel. Colors, shapes, and materials can evoke different feelings in us. So how can we use this knowledge to create rooms where we want to spend time with our family? We will discuss this question, and we will also provide some tips for different wall decors. Why wall decors? Walls have great potential for the final finishing of rooms and are often forgotten. 


Colors have different energies, and that makes us feel various emotions. For example, imagine how you would feel if the stop sign wouldn't be red, but green? Wouldn't that confuse you? Of course it would, and not only because you are used to it. There is a psychology that studies only colors' effects on humans. This psychology has shown that warm colors like red, yellow, and orange are associated with happiness, anger, and love. Cool colors like blue, purple, and  white have calming and peaceful effects on us. Therefore, use colors for what feelings you want to achieve in the room.


Can shapes even affect us? Yes, studies have shown that different shapes have psychological effects on humans. For example, squares and rectangles are the most common shapes we see in our daily lives. These shapes evoke a sense of reliability and security. On the other hand, spirals can bring us creativity, fresh mindedness, and also friendliness. Natural shapes can make us feel united and not only with nature, but also with other people in the room. 


Here, we will go over how different materials can make us feel within a room. Stone is a fascinating material for our homes and gives us a feeling of quality and reliability. Metal is one of five Feng Shui elements and an essential part of our homes. It is cold material but often, when combined with wood, it gives us a friendly room climate. Wood positively impacts our health and mood. It provides us with a sense of warmth and well being as well as bringing a sense of the outdoors into your home.


We went over different aspects and their effects on our emotions and how we can use this for our rooms. Here, you can also find some products that we think can be an excellent addition to your home and create a friendly atmosphere.

3D wood world map   

3D wood world map on the wall decor

A product like this can perfectly fit your living room or bedroom. It has neutral colors, so it gets the best of both settings. It has a natural shape, so it could make us feel united and peaceful, and also it is made out of wood. We think this is an excellent combination of elements for home wall decor.   

Bunny Front & Back Set of 2 Photo Prints

Prints can be easily matched with existing home decor. For example, we love these prints of animals from Amy Peterson that you can buy. With the addition of a wooden frame, it can be minimalist wall decor to finish your room. Animals also evoke our emotions and can decrease stress-related hormone levels and lower blood sugar. So, if you can't have one, at least get a wall decor with the animal. 

Wall decorative climbing guys

Wall decor climbing guys, wall climbers decor gift

These wall climbers are great wall decor, especially for people with a passion for climbing. We like the overall quality of the product, yet what we don't like is that it is made of resin. However, it is not noticeable because it has an attractive finish. 

Small square wall shelf

Natural material, rectangular shape, and warm colors. This shelf will be great wall decor, and you can put any other decor, such as a flower or books, on this shelf. We recommend using this Invisible Floating White Book Shelf with a magnet for books.

Small wooden square shelf, wall decorative wall shelf


Wall decors significantly impact the final look of the room and its emotional effect on us. It depends on us to adequately decorate the room with all elements mentioned in this article.  If we look at psychological aspects and we use them for our rooms My personal preference is to stick to natural materials and keep it minimalist yet cozy for spending time with our family. This can be individual how each of us feels in different rooms. If you have a free wall, take an opportunity and put something on them to our recommendations. Good luck with decorating your rooms! 

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